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About us

For half a century the familial company Bros Vournas - GAIA SA, has been a reference point for the constructional field of the country. From 1960s when the constructional activity had an incredible development rate, to 1990s of the great developing operations, the GAIA was always present providing mostly with used construction machinery as well as recommendations and advices, servicing minor and major constructors.

For the last 15 years the GAIA, realizing the turn of the market to new machinery, has been cooperating with famous machinery manufacturers enriching its wide range of products, always offering its services that have rewarded it. Choosing and cooperating with our suppliers is based on their reliability and leading position in the industry of construction machinery.

The GAIA SA due to its full technical infrastructure and the experienced personnel is able to provide integral solutions to your constructional work.

People’s trust honors you in the market. Work continuously with consistence to justify them because they will destroy you if you deceive/betray them by following profiteering practices.
George Vournas // CEO GAIA S.A.

What do we offer to you?

Your construction project is the challenge to us. Your success is our own reward. We are always by your side, not only during the evaluation and choice of machinery and its components and the transaction but mostly and certainly after the sale.

  • Stock of structural machinery of world-renowned manufacturers such as Wacker-Neuson , Endress , Chicago Pneumatic.
  • Fleet of used machinery that meets the wide range of your worksite needs.
  • Full coverage for all new and used equipment in terms of accessories, spare parts and service.
  • Possibility of exchanging your machinery after a territorial fair evaluation by experienced engineers.
  • Flexible financing programs with low interest rates and repayment ability up to 60 months.

5 reasons to do business with us

  • Plenitude in product range. Here you will find everything for your worksite and everything with full coverage on spare parts and service.
  • Prominent suppliers of international machinery market.
  • Consistency and ethos in transactions. Competitive prices and services after the sale.
  • Experienced and specially trained staff always there for you with appropriate solutions.
  • Complete and flexible financing programs.

Who do we represent?

The GAIA SA - Bros Vournas chose for their partners - suppliers these construction machinery manufacturers that meet 100% of structural perfection, excellent cost –effectiveness ratio and necessary certification of operating and safety regulations of our time as well.

They are worldwide known manufacturers that their qualitative products make them star in the global construction machinery market. The Wacker-Neuson, Endress and Chicago Pneumatic are sonorous names, inventors and creators with hundreds of global patents, who continuously develop their products to such an extent to respond successfully to the modern but highly demanding work environment.